Unlike medieval castles the defenses that surround your company are porous. They are easily penetrated by competitors and others keen to know what you are doing.


Companies regularly acquire detailed and unpublished intelligence on all aspects of their competitors operations and plans.  They don’t ask for it; they use consultants that are skilled in obtaining the types of intelligence that would not be freely divulged. The reputable consultants use techniques that are legal and, for the most part, ethical to probe deep into the competitors being targeted in order to acquire valuable intelligence. You may even use them yourselves.



We operate in the significant gap that exists between what is normally protected and what needs to be protected. We are not concerned with the protection of physical assets, IT systems, telephone systems or Intellectual Property.  Our concern is with your "Proprietary Knowledge Assets". 


We protect our clients from their competitors but also from all the others that have an unhealthy interest in your activities. Head hunters who would poach your staff, brokers looking for more detail than is provided in earnings calls, journalists looking for a scoop,  bankers seeking to validate your stated performance, revenue officials testing your tax returns, unions looking for threats to their members and many more.


CounterAction is a consultancy that specialises in helping clients prevent undesirable external access to intelligence on your company’s products, resources, business processes and plans. The types of information that, if used skilfully by competitors, can seriously inhibit your growth and profitability prospects.

We are not security, legal or IT experts. Our expertise is derived from years of experience in collecting intelligence on competitors and we know how our own former activities can be prevented.




Jerry Hoffmann

North American Partner

Tel: +1 (314) 439 1770 Cell: + 1 (636) 236 1396 e-mail:

Chris West

European Partner

Tel: +44 (0)1737 553530  Cell: +44 (0)7836 754 084 



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