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Most companies feel they can protect themselves by training their staff on key issues such as who they can talk to and what they can say. In our experience training is essential but often not enough on its own; it is the last stage in series of defenswes that need to be put in place. We have developed a formula that is straightforward and effective though, depending on the size of, the organisation, may be complex to implement requiring contributions from a number of departments within the company.

We offer a broad range of services in order to help clients protect sensitive information. Very little can be completely shielded from the determined investigator but we can help you take control of what is released while at the same time making it extremely difficult for third parties to obtain information directly by penetrating internal, or closely related external, sources. We offer a comprehensive program that includes:




We offer one or two day workshops to orientate key managers on the threats from competitive intelligence and other covert investigations, how they are carried out and the basics of a defense program.



We offer team-specific counterintelligence training for team’s that are particularly vulnerable to competitive intelligence initiatives. We have also developed a computer-based training package that can be applied company-wide. For those companies who want to embed counterintelligence into the culture of their company, we will work with the training design company of their choice to develop counterintelligence training that will address all aspects of protecting the company’s knowledge assets.




We will evaluate/audit your organization to show the types of risks you are likely to be exposed to and their potential impact on your company. This will provide a platform for an effective defense system.

System Design


We will custom design a defense system for your company that controls what you release about yourselves, prevents access to your staff, restricts what third parties are able to reveal about you and minimizes the risk of information leakages.


Counter Intelligence Briefings


to all levels of management and staff. These are designed to raise the awareness of intelligence gathering activity, the methods by which it is done, the vulnerabilities of the organization, the methods of recognizing suspicious calls and the actions that need to be taken when calls are detected.


Tests of Defenses


A real life test of your exposure can be organized to show exactly how vulnerable you are. This will be carried out by experts who will not be aware that the exercise is a test and will use their best efforts to penetrate your organization.

 Counter Intelligence Enquiry Service


We will be available to answer questions about

counter intelligence such as whether incoming calls or suspicious events indicate that you are under attack, the potential source of the attack and the probable reason for it.



These services may be commissioned on their own or in any combination depending on your requirements. Give us a call and we will be delighted to organize a presentation of  our organization and its services to you.

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